Thursday, December 28, 2006

Good Riddance!

It's been a momentous week in cricket. Australia regained the Ashes, India finally won a test in South Africa, and Sreesanth gave a whole new meaning to the term dancing down the pitch. All of this however has been eclipsed by the news of Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath's retirement.

Talks are rife of a tearful farewell to the Aussie heroes at Sydney. I am sure however, that I echo the sentiments of millions when I say "Good Riddance". For a decade and a half these two tyrants have tormented batsmen the world over. And in doing so have created the aura of invincibility that so shrouds Australian cricket. Without these two in their ranks though, Australia will be crap. Sure they might still win the odd one-day tournament or two, maybe even the world cup. But no longer will they be able to brush aside the opposition with impunity or stroll through test series sweeps. In fact, very soon they'll be struggling to avoid getting thrashed by Bangladesh. By an innings. And 300 runs. Within three days. Trust me on this one.

Update: Justin Langer too has joined the retirement parade. With Gilchrist and Hayden likely to add to the list before long, it just reinforces my belief that Australia will be test cricket's new whipping boys.

Talking of Langer, one can't help but comment on his soul-piercing eyes. Right up there with Muralitharan and Damien Martyn, if you ask me. Cricket has lost an incredible pair of eyes.


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