Friday, December 22, 2006

Further Proof that God is a Lizard

Here's further proof that I have been right all along. God really is a lizard. And Komodo dragons, being the largest lizard species are the kings (or queens, if you may) of the gods. Take that all you disbelievers and naysayers. Who's going to save you from the coming of the great sticky tongue now, huh?

The finding provides irrefutable proof that the silly immaculate-birth-of-Christ story is merely an allegory about the great lizards and their wondrous ways. The story is clearly a parable based on the life of a famous lizard, who may or may not have been called Xarkwotz.

This latest revelation has caused quite a stir among disbelievers. While some of them have finally seen the light and are reverting to the reptilian way of life, others still stay in denial, claiming that god is amorphous and can take any form. To them, I say Rubbish! There is only one form of god, and it is a lizard. God does not manifest himself as a fish, or a goat, or a wild boar. And he most definitely does not manifest himself as a podgy, baboon-faced sportsperson. So come now, mend your errant ways, and join me in genuflection, as we all hail the lizard king.


At January 10, 2007 at 3:23 PM, Blogger Venky said...

I always told you that Jim Morrison was God :)


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