Saturday, April 28, 2007


"I've had it with humankind", the mad scientist announced. "I have tolerated them long enough. But I shall not tolerate them anymore. Today I will unleash my Doomsday device upon them. My greatest invention. The single most exquisite implement of destruction ever built. It will be a device to end all devices. Terrible to look at, but beautiful to behold. The seas will rise to marvel at its splendor, the mountains will crumble at its roar. The Earth itself will tremble with fear. Humans will run in despair, but there will be nowhere to run, nor a place to hide. No, they won't be mocking me anymore. There will be no one left to mock. It will take care of them all..."

"Then again, maybe I'll unleash it tomorrow. There's a Mythbusters marathon on the Discovery channel tonight."


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