Friday, May 30, 2008

Disturbing Mental Imagery

Among other news, the most disturbing mental image of the year is brought to you by Mr. ManBearPig himself. The half man, half bear and half pig creature, otherwise known as Matthew Hayden, gives us a distressingly detailed account of his squatting habits in a recent interview with Cricinfo:

I go to the middle, I mark the crease and I squat on the wicket. I feel grounded when I do that. It's like a centring process. It's like, I'm out in this amazing place with millions across the world watching but right now I'm feeling very solid here. I don't say these things aloud but I just feel it every time I go out there. The middle of the cricket ground is the most comfortable place on earth for me.
To borrow a phrase from Frasier, I hope you'll excuse me while I go and poke out my mind's eye.


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