Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lord Bhairab Likes His Mutton

Nepal's national airline has confirmed that it sacrificed two goats to resolve a recurring technical problem with one of its aircrafts.

One can almost imagine the announcement over the intercom:
"Welcome to Nepal Airlines' flight RA-409, non-stop from Kathmandu to Hong Kong. We regret to announce that the flight has been delayed due to unforeseen technical problems. Please bear with us as our technicians try and fix the problem. Passengers are requested to please remain seated while we find sacrificial goats to appease Lord Bhairab."

Jokes aside, I think Nepal Airlines have stumbled upon a novel low-cost method for aircraft maintenance (the plane did manage to reach Hong Kong, after all). It's only a matter of time before other airlines catch up. The tricky bit, of course, would be to decide what animal (or plant) to sacrifice to fix a particular problem. The plethora of gods that rule the sky would only further complicate matters. Sure, Akash Bhairab in Nepal likes his mutton, but who's to say that Thor in Norway wouldn't prefer lynx meat instead? Or tinamou for that matter. An extensive study needs to be carried out on the dietary preferences of various deities to ensure that the aircraft of the future is well-stocked with flora and fauna of all kind to tackle any sort of emergency. Passenger safety is of utmost importance, after all.


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